Tweaking my way to the top with Wizard101 crown generator

I wanted to make a post about Wizard101 crown generator. I searched on youtube today and found one working crown generator and I have been playing now for 4 hours straight. I was able to buy several cash shop items and unlock bunch of dungeons so that’s great.

What I am afraid now is that my account might get deleted. It’s working fine now but you never know what footprints the generator leaves behind. I guess time will show then, if it get’s deleted then i will just make a new account. My Wizard101 love shall not die with one ban :D

Anyways, it has been a blast playing with crowns, the game is just a lot more fun when you have premium currency to play with.

I am wondering how far to the top of the players list can i go like this. My plan is to be in top 300 in 2 months. I guess the summer holidays will be full of gaming :D

How has your summer been thus far? Have you played any Wizard101 and if so what’s your username? I would love to add you in the game so we could party together and make kick ass epic raids!

My best raid in Wizard101 thus far has been the one time I went to the dungeon of doom and met the almighty Wizard of Ascaban. It was an epic party with my good friends from Norway and beloved guildmemebers of Wizardom.

I once met a mighty opponent in guild wars who I just could not beat whatever I tired. So I migrated to South East Asia to develop my skills more. I was learning with gaming nerd master for 7 years and when I came back I no longer was a grasshoper, I was the master. I wanted to challenge my long lost opponent from the opposing guild but turned out he had left the game and I was broken inside. Tears came to my eyes, they were the tears of joy. I had outshined my opponent by becoming the master of disguise – then I woke up and turned out it was all just a dream.

I have these kind of weird dreams about Wizard101 quite often, I think it’s due to the fact that I play it way too often. Games are fun to play but if you start seeing weird dreams like that then I think it’s a clear sign that you have to back off a bit :D